Waec 2021 Animal Husbandry Expo (Obj And Theory) Questions And Answers Expo Runs

WAEC 2021 Animal Husbandry Expo, West Africa Examination Council Book Animal Husbandry (Obj And Theory) Questions And Answer Expo Runz Now Posted for free.

WAEC 2021 Book Keeping Expo (Obj And Theory) Questions And Answers Expo Runs

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Here Is The Verified Waec 2021/2022 Animal Husbandry Expo Obj And Theory Questions And Answers – May/June Expo Runz Eduwapaz.com

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*Animal Husbandry Essay Answer*

1. Save money on local honey
2. Boost your vegetable garden’s production
3. Save money on beeswax
4. Bee Pollen and Propolis are natural remedies
5. Sheer enjoyment and entertainment

1. Honey made locally from your own bees. The benefits of honey are many, starting with the fact that it is an excellent natural sweetener full of nutrients including niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. Also, it doesn’t spoil, and can be used for a variety of health benefits, such as soothing coughs, boosting memory, treating wounds, potentially preventing low white blood cell count caused by chemotherapy, relieving seasonal allergies, killing antibiotic-resistant bacteria, providing fuel for the body, and resolving scalp problems and dandruff.

2.Wax, a product of bees. You can utilize the wax made in your hive for candles, cosmetics, creams, lipstick, and lip balm.

3.Pollination. Bees can help make your plants healthy as they pollinate, as well as fruit trees in nearby orchards which helps the local economy!

4. Low maintenance. Bees work hard without much effort from you. Once your hive is up and running, it takes about 30 minutes a week for maintenance, and a bit more time for collecting honey up to twice a year.

5.Rewarding experience. Being part of a natural life process in which honeybees pollinate flowers and plants and create beneficial honey is deeply gratifying!

6.Bee conservation. There are many factors that are killing honeybees, and by keeping your own hives you can help conserve bees and protect their habitat.

1. Buy the Bee
2.choose your hive system
3.gather beekeeping supplies
4.introduce bees to the hive
5.keep your bee healthy and happy


– Use a hybrid or cross bred female.

-Satisfy the nutritional requirements of the sow both in pregnancy and lactation.

-Bring a healthy sow into the farrowing house.

-Achieve good birth weights.

-Ensure each pig receives maximum colostrum at birth.

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